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But our population has been steadily declining from over 52 million in 1993 to just under 44 million now within 30 years. The main reasons for  such a decline are the mortality excess over birth  rate and emigration.    

We are a highly urbanized nation. 70% of our  people live in cities and towns. Kyiv, Kharkiv,  Dnipro, Donetsk and Odesa each house over  a million residents. The majority of our rural  population settled in Prykarpattia, Galicia and  Podillia.      

The ten largest Ukrainian cities:  
1. Kyiv
2. Kharkiv
3. Odesa
4. Dnipro
5. Donetsk
6. Zaporizhzhia
7. Lviv
8. Kryvyi Rih
9. Mykolayiv
 10. Mariupol

The average Ukrainian is relatively young: a man is  37 years old, and a woman is 43 acordingly. Their  life expectancy is gradually increasing to 72 years  on average, claiming 150th place globally. Men  expect to live up to 68 years, women up to 77.    

Ukrainian ladies not only live longer but also marry  a little earlier than men. The average bride is 25;  her average groom is 27 at their first wedding. So,  what about their future kids? Well, it depends on  where the young family lives. From West to East,  the number of children in our families declines,  the birth rate in rural areas is slightly higher. Our  largest families live in Rivne, Zakarpattia and Volyn.  The smallest families reside in Kyiv and Sevastopol.  Due to the availability of sex education and  affordable contraceptives, the number of abortions  has sharply fallen since independence.    

Sadly, Ukraine’s freedom from the USSR and  its Association with the EU doesn’t fit well with  our neighbour — Russia. In 2014, the Russian  Federation, violating the norms and principles  of international law and bilateral and multilateral  agreements, annexed Crimea and Sevastopol and  occupied certain Donetsk and Luhansk regional  territories. As a result, more than 800,000 internal  refugees from Donbas and Crimea left the conflict  regions.    

Ukraine is a multinational state. However, ethnic  Ukrainian make up the vast majority of our  country’s population. Almost 80% identified  themselves as Ukrainians during the first census  carried out in 2001. Most Ukrainians live on their  ethnic lands, outnumbering other ethnic groups.  Besides, we make up the absolute majority (over  90%) in 13 out of 27 regions and the vast majority  (70-90%) in 7 areas. These are the Donbas and  Odesa regions only where 60% of residents  identify themselves as Ukrainians. In comparison,  the Ternopil region is almost monoethnic, with  97.8% of its population being Ukrainians.    

Ukraine has postponed its next census for several  years now. But it will be curious to see its results.  Forced internal migration with the displacement  of students and workers abroad will undoubtedly  affect the country’s demographic composition.  

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